About Us

CCA Partners is a merchant banking boutique which makes equity and debt investments in companies which are typically entrepreneur owned. Our ability to be highly flexible and creatively structure investments to align stakeholder interest makes CCA an excellent partner for lower middle market companies.

The firm makes direct investments into companies and projects and performs advisory services. With each investment, we will “roll up our sleeves” and help the business in areas such as accounting, back office systems, efficient process improvement, and business development. The firm is value add to each investment, and not just a distant financial partner, and have a top tier network that we will use to help grow the business. We find most entrepreneur owned companies have a good key manager whose strength is either operations, financially savvy, or customer relationships and sales, but seldom has a full management team to cover all the moving parts of a well-oiled business. We help the entrepreneur so the company has a team focused on driving outcomes and successes to grow the business beyond what the management could have accomplished on its own.

While we are affiliated partners in a dedicated fund that invests in Texas based businesses, we are more of a family office structure. The firm works closely with high net worth families and advises these families and individuals in the diligence and structuring of their private investments. As part of their private investment allocation, they invest alongside CCA in the firm’s investments.